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The Wudang sword keeps special similarity with the rest of styles or systems practiced in the mountain, all of them of internal character, which avoid direct confrontations using circular movements and absorbing the power of the opponent not to use force. The handling of the sword, as in the martial arts, teaches us much more than to defend ourselves from a possible attack, the objective of the practice of the sword in Taoism is to manage it keeping the heart calm and peaceful, through the control of the emotions. It is said in Taoism that the sword that is used in a clear way is also a symbol of a clear mind, because the handling of the sword must always be accompanied by the spirit (Shen).  




- The 13 classical Wudang Sword techniques

- More than 70 sword handling exercises

- Wudang Taiji Sword Form


intensive session   60 min

11 pages of theoretical notes


69,00 €

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