Who is Zī Xiǎo?


Alex Mieza (Taoist name Zī Xiǎo 资晓) is an international master of Chinese Traditional Martial Arts and Taoist Internal Health Cultivation Arts from Wudang Mountains. In 1997 was initiatied in these arts and since 2012 has been an official member of Wudang Sanfeng Pai's taoist official lineage. He is master Yuan Xiugang's first official disciple in Spain in a lineage dating back to 14th century since its creation by historic Taoist monk Zhang Sanfeng.


A piece of history


After several years of practicing different martial arts, began his deep studies in Chinese Traditional Martial Arts in 1997 and since then has followed an intensive and constant training that led him to train and learn from several of most recognized Chinese Martial Arts masters, including:


Yuan Xiugang (袁修刚), Yu Tianlu (于天路), Chen Lisheng (陈理圣), Yu Liting (余理庭),

Su Yuzhang (蘇昱彰), Gao Songmao (高松茂) and Wu Zhongxian (吳忠賢).


In addition to these renowned masters also had the opportunity to go in 2006 to Beijing's Sports University, attending various trainings with the Wushu elite team.


During his time he also traveled to Shaolin Temple (少林寺) and Dafa Wang Temple (法王寺), training with several monks such as Shi Yan Fang or Shi Heng Yang, Shi Heng Dong and Shi Heng Fa.


Since 2009 began to focus his studies on Wudang Mountains (武当山), which regularly visit to deepen the Taoist Internal Arts, mainly under supervision of his master Yuan Xiugang from Sanfeng Pai lineage and master Chen Lisheng from Xuanwu Pai lineage.


Master Zi Xiao has been expanding his teachings in several countries such as Spain, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, Brazil, England...



Actually Master Zi Xiao manages the International Branches of the countries: Spain, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and México.


Most relevant qualifications



 · 16ª Generation

Wudang Taoist Lineage  


(Wudang Sanfeng Pai)




  · Certified Teacher in

Wudang Internal Arts

(Wudang Taoist Traditional Kung Fu Academy)



  · Assistant Technician in

Chinese Traditional Medicine


Gobierno de Canarias)




 · Black Belt 2nd Duan

  (International Chinese Kuoshu Federation)




 · Black Belt 4th Duan





 · National Referee and Judge




 · Referee's director

(Spanish Chinese Kuoshu Association) 



 · Director and Coach

(Wudang Spain)



· Director and Coach

(Escuela Laoshan)



· Wushu teacher

(Universidad de La Laguna)





· 1st and 2nd place World Championship

(International Chinese Kuoshu Federation) Taiwan 2015



· 1st Place International Wushu Tournament

  (TIAWC) Barcelona 2013



· 2nd and 5th Post World Championship

   (International Chinese Kuoshu Federation) Taiwan 2011



· 1st place Championship of Spain

(Spanish Chinese Kuoshu Association) Madrid 2011



· 1st place Championship of Spain

(Confederation of Internal and Traditional Styles) Madrid 2010