The practice of Tai Chi (Taijiquan) has great benefits for those seeking to improve their physical, mental and emotional health. Taijiquan attaches great importance to body structure and consciousness in maintaining a correct body posture. By aligning the posture while maintaining a straight spine and relaxing back and waist, over time, Taijiquan practitioners begin to feel greater release from accumulated tension and stiffness of neck, shoulders, back, waist and hips.


The importance of proper body alignment and its effect on body health also extends to the rest of the body including arms, hips, knees and ankles. Taijiquan practice greatly improves muscles strength to hold knees and ankles as it offers a type of exercise that focuses largely on slow and progressive improvement in tendon and ligament health. Taijiquan practice is also useful in activating and flowing all the different body circulatory systems, so it improves joint lubrication. This promotes increased joint mobility, ease of movement and muscles and tendons flexibility which can also help alleviate and prevent certain pathologies and pains.


Taijiquan practice also requires focus and memory. Taijiquan forms are composed of numerous techniques made in different sequences and different directions, so they also improve memory strength and greatly expand spatial and kinetic-bodily intelligence.


Taijiquan practice requires and promotes a relaxed and focused mind and a stable emotional state. As a therapeutic effect to deal with stress or emotional instability, Taijiquan practice may also develop that the emotions become more balanced and the general temperament become more peaceful. With a calmer mind you can reflect more clearly ideas and you agree to contemplate, perceive and understand life more deeply.


Taijiquan is usually thought of as a method of relaxation, but this is not entirely correct as it simplifies much of the reality of this unique art. Taijiquan was designed to achieve different goals within a single training, among them we can highlight: Achieve a perfect body structure, Create a pattern of technical movements for self-defense and Cultivate the 3 health treasures (Jing, Qi, Shen) .


Since Taijiquan is an internal martial style with significant energy work, proper leg posture is essential. Taijiquan students are usually taught to do very large poses at the beginning, this helps to increase leg strength so that you can later relax in positions and feel the flow of Qi (energy) better.


Usually, it takes years to properly learn a Taijiquan sequence and to be able to circulate Qi without problems in coordination with breathing and postures. One must learn to transport and strengthen Qi through practice.


Individual practice is performed by executing movements with an 'imaginary adversary' in front, to make the practice more realistic and useful. If you practice with a very lively sense of force interaction, you will learn to activate the Qi and mobilize the Jin (energy emission) naturally, so the whole spirit will fuse into the sequence.